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The World Ocean Assessments initial report published in 2015 warns that many benefits that ocean provides are being threatened by human actions and that the findings are alarming.

“Pressures from many human activities continue to degrade the ocean and destroy essential habitats hindering their capacity to help address climate change impacts. These pressures also come from human activities on land and coastal areas, which bring dangerous pollutants into the ocean, including plastic waste. Meanwhile, overfishing is estimated to have led to an annual loss of $88.9 billion in net benefits”, said United Nation chief.

The carbon released into the atmosphere is driving ocean warming and acidification while sea level rise is constantly threatening our world’s coastlines; these are the main reasons why our biodiversity is being destroyed.
“The findings of this Assessment underscore the urgency of ambitious outcomes in this year’s UN biodiversity, climate and other high-level summits and events. Together we can foster not only a green – but also a blue – recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and help ensure a long term resilient and sustainable relationship with the ocean” he added.
The ocean sustainability depend on us all working together to make a change for good.