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The solution

is is the synthesis of the most sophisticated technological systems available in the world for charging electric cars. Thanks to innovative integrated systems, owning an electric car is even easier.

Be part of the change, for a more eco-sustainable planet. selects the best charging stations to give you more time to spend on the things you love.

There’s nothing better.

The Super Power solution.

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It’s simply incredible.

The amazing solution connects to all* charging stations located around the globe with economic and time savings never experienced before.

Speed first.

Sophisticated search systems allow you to find the fastest and most efficient charging stations. saves you time.

Technologically advanced. is the most innovative solution for accessing charging stations around the planet. State-of-the-art technology systems give you incredible benefits.

Extraordinary simplicity.

The exceptional simplicity of the APP is the result of a careful study made by our Communication Architect team to offer you the best.

* Actual coverage estimated at around 98% of all public charging stations

Free Access

Register only once, in a simple, fast and secure manner.

Put charging in turbo mode

Less charging time = More time for what you love.

Choose quality and convenience

Use the largest charging network on the planet. The best quality at the best price just for you.
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Do you own an electric car?

What are you waiting for? Be part of the change.