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The brand new fully-electric sports sedan offers a great range, a luxury design and it’s the fusion between the Alibaba Group, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and SAIC.
The efforts of these Chinese companies to enter the world of luxury cars are solid in terms of performances, specs and the look of these vehicles.

In the beginning, the electric vehicle will be provided with a 93 kWh battery pack that will grant it a range of 382 miles (615 km), but a larger 118 kWh pack will be offered in a second time, improving the claimed range to 621 miles (1,000 km).

Futuristic on the outside, the car has a very nice cockpit. It’s very spacious, also thanks to the presence of the entirely glazed roof and white cladding, is characterized by the presence of a panel that runs along the entire length of the dashboard and contains several 4K monitors on which are reported all the information about the gear, powertrain and infotainment.

Battery: 93 kWh or 118 kWh
Autonomy: 615 km or 1,000 km
Max power: 540 hp (data related to the version with 118 kWh battery)
Max torque: 700 Nm (data related to the version with 118 kWh battery)
0-100: 3″9 (data related to the version with 118 kWh battery)