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No more diesel-powered haulers would mean a significant reduction of greenhouse gas and particulate emissions

One of the multiple things that have a huge impact on air quality and health issues caused by pollution are without doubts all the diesel trucks that deliver everyday-necessities of modern life around the world.
They are responsible for almost one-third of motor-vehicle CO2 emissions which is crazy to think. Even crazier is the fact that diesel trucks account only for a small fraction of vehicles, meaning that the pollution they cause is much more in proportion to the number of vehicles.

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Daimler, Volvo and other truck-makers are now beginning to put in serious orders.
Big companies like PepsiCo, Walmart Canada and others tripled their existing orders for electric trucks.
“If we can move away from diesel-dependent heavy-duty vehicles, we have a chance at significantly reducing greenhouse gas and particulate emissions from the transportation sector” stated Berkeley Lab Staff Scientist Amol Phadke.
Given the massive economic and environmental benefits, the case for long-haul electric trucking is stronger than ever before.